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Full Event Reporting With PDF Ticketing

{ "event_@tle": "Test Title",
"event_subject": "Test Subj",
"event_content": "Test Content",
"event_loca@on": "Test Loca@on",
"event_@mezone": "US-Mountain",
"event_dateStart": "03/31/2014 12:00",
"event_dateEnd": "04/01/2014 12:00",
"event_reminder": 5,
"event_issueTickets": 0,
"event_@cketResponseContent": "",
"event_hostName": "",
"event_hostEmail": "",
"event_hostCompany": "",
"event_hostPhone": ""

Simple, Easy to Use API with Full Documentation and Sandbox


Detailed Event Reporting with Reminders


Accepted -- 29

Denied -- 7


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Built-in PDF Ticketing if Calendar Invite is Accepted



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