Automating a Calendar Invitation with MailChimp

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June 8, 2017

Adding an automated calendar invitation to a MailChimp email marketing campaign

I’m going to show you how easy it is to add a calendar invitation for your event to your MailChimp email marketing campaign with 31Events. Once you’ve done it three times, you’ll be able to do this in less than 5 minutes. It really is that easy.

Step 1: Create your Invite

Creating an invite for your event, in this case, let’s say a webinar is simple. Just enter the webinar information into the form (at this point, don’t worry about adding invitation enhancements, like graphics), enter at least one email address to test the event, and press SAVE.

Step 2: Publish the Event

On either the Event Details page or the ALL EVENTS page, press the Rocket icon button to Publish your event. This allows us to get the email code for MailChimp. It also allows you to “test” the calendar event prior to including it into your MailChimp email marketing campaign for your webinar.

Step 3: Add your landing page Url

The best practice for webinar email marketing is to forward someone to a page with more information about your webinar, usually a registration page. We will need the URL for that landing page for 31Events.

Your newly created event is now in the Published Events section. Look for the Email Landing Page button icon, press it, and a window will popup. Make sure Option One is selection (our default is Option 2), page in your landing page URL into the second text box (naming it is optional).

Step 4: Copy Email Code

Your newly created event is now in the Published Events section. Look for the Code icon button, press it, and look for the Email tab. The first section is MailChimp, we want to copy the first code block. Just click anywhere within that box and it will copied to your clipboard.

Step 5: Add code as link within MailChimp

The final step is completed within MailChimp. Create your webinar email marketing campaign just like you would normally. The only difference will be, instead of adding your webinar landing page link, you’ll add the link created within 31Events.

At this point, I usually test the email to make sure it does exactly what I expect. In this case, once you click on the CTA, you should be forwarded to the webinar landing page. The difference being, they will also receive an event invitation in their inbox (and land on their calendar also).

That’s it. Those five steps.

When someone clicks your CTA (graphic, link, button) with the 31Events URL they will get a calendar invitation without the need to “save” or “download”. Your customers (and prospective customers) don’t need to do anything else.

now it’s up to you

I guess the big question for you is this … are you willing to give it a try? See if it works for your MailChimp and webinar marketing campaigns?

Register for an account, do a split test and see if it works for you. If it does, you’ll see your attendance go up, if not, then you’re only out a few minutes testing.