Moving to AWS Serverless

October 20, 2017 / Arnie McKinnis  / 
In July, we made a decision to stop development on 31Events (in it's current state) and take it completely down.  We didn't do this because it didn't work, it did - we had all base functionality working exactly like we wanted, and had re-designed the management/creation interface to be a bit more user friendly - we believed we were on track.

But nothing could happen fast enough and we knew at some point in the future we would need to really enhance our backend. Creating "Functions" are one thing, but managing the complexities of "servers" is something completely different.

So we decided it was time to move away from hosting our own server, stop development on Coldfusion and move away from MSSQL - we also knew what decision meant, nothing we had done would really "translate" to whatever we did next.  We had painted ourselves into a corner and it was time to just accept it and walk out of the room and destroy our new painted floor.

So, with the bandaide ripped off, we took a month to ponder and reflect, research and find, discuss and debate.  I'm a big believer in not rushing, that with big decisions, it's better to allow the "stew to cook".  We didn't need to have 31Events back up and running immediately, and we believed there was a solution that was (a) easier to manager and (b) had more "resources" of people to could help us.

Which is why, we decided to go with AWS Serverless. To us, it just made sense. We knew it could scale, we knew if we stayed within the lines of AWS services, we could probably build something that never actually crossed outside of their "technical" boundaries.  And we also believe it is the future of computing (serverless, but AWS is one of the leaders today).

Both Greg and I have been professionally involved in technology since the 80's and we've seen lots of the changes. We also were both involved in the early days of internet and cloud technologies - and from our perspective, we have a pretty good feeling for "where" it's going.

So, if you're wondering where the actual 31Events App is ... it's inside the workings within AWS right now.  We are building it slowly, looking to create functional micro-services that will come together to create a full-blown application.  We will also be able to reuse those microservices as we look to enhance the service (or in some cases, de-couple them and share out pieces for other applications or service providers to utilize).  It is a different way to look at your "service" - it's not just an application, it's an idea that required lots of people to make it become a reality.

We don't have a timeline for release, but we will post occasionally here, to provide updates.  It should be sometime in the first half of 2018 - and when it is released, it will be a bit different, but the core will be the same ...

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