How to integrate Calendar Invitations into Mail Chimp Email Templates

So if you think about the shear amount of “ADD to CALENDAR” for ICS downloads that are used for WEBINARS daily its staggering. Its also very inefficient. They get lost and they often don’t work.   We send a DIRECT Calendar INVITE to your customers EMAIL address inside your Mail Chimp Template.  Your customer receives a “correctly crafted” calendar invite like a good old fashion Google or Outlook Corporate invitation to a meeting. Its simple and you can insert a COUPON as a URL inside the Calendar invitation to promote attendance.  The key is that the Calendar invite goes straight to their Mobile Calendar. Since they are responding to  the “Click here to get the Calendar Invitation” CTA button – they will have a higher chance of showing up to your event.  In addition you will be able to track all customer Calendar Invite  “ACCEPTS” from the Calendar clients –  just like a corporate marketing event in your own 31 events reporting interface.  If you change anything in the invite after its sent – you do not need to send another EMAIL, since its a correctly crafted Calendar invite – and the customers Calendar Client receives an update directly to their Mobile Calendar from our API. 

If your using Mail Chimp, give us a try.  When you create your EVENT, you can use our CODE Generator to get the Code to insert into your Mail Chimp Template.  Its easy and it takes about 15 minutes.  In addition you will get rich detailed information in our reporting engine as seen below.  We guarantee you will get better turn outs to your events since the Calendar Invite splits and goes DIRECTLY to your customers Calendar CLIENT.  Regardless if they ACCEPT the event or not onto their Calendar – the INVITE will show up for the CORRECT TIME and DATE.  This will INCREASE your chances of your customer showing up to your event..  If they ACCPET the EVENT onto their Calendar – we track this in our reporting engine , just like a corporate calendaring server and they will receive all the reminders that are built into their calendaring clients. 

See this short 3 minute Video on how to Insert the Code into your Mail Chimp Template using the 31events code generator for MailChimp Call to Action buttons:

How to integrate a Constant Contact Calendar Invitation for 1 Click Registrations

We built the Email Script generator to Fast EMBED the Calendar Invite into a CALL to ACTION graphic (CTA) for a Constant Contact Email template. This allows for a “One Click” registration for fast easy signups for your events. The customer is going to get a Calendar Invitation sent directly to them when they click your CTA graphic inside you Constant Contact Template.  This is not a Downloadable ICS, it is a Calendar INVITATION. It will show up on their Calendar Desktop, Google Calendar, or Mobile Phone Calendar.  Guaranteed not to get lost since the Invitation since will be sent directly to the customers Calendar and then you can track with our reporting engine.

In addition you can add a COUPON to the calendar invitation as a URL inside the Calendar Invite.   You can use our Default Exit Landing page when clicked, which is one of our IFRAME Landing pages with a Shareable URL for the event with a Calendar invitation Modal or you can insert you own Landing Page for CTA Click through behavior after the Calendar invite is sent.  We support Mail Chimp and Exact Target as well.



See our Detailed Video Blog on how to embed a Calendar Invite into Constant Contact as a ADD TO CALENDAR Replacement below:

Our 2017 Vision..

1 Click Registrations for Webinar Call to Action

1 Click to get Calendar Invites in Constant Contact, MailChimp, Exact Target

November 26, 2016 / Arnie McKinnis  / 

We have been working hard on trying to keep this simple. A One Click Call to Action Button. 

Here is the workflow with our code in an Email Template for MailChimp, Constant Contact or Exact Target. 

Was it hard to do?

 No- takes about 10 minutes to generate the code for the calendar invite and test.

What do your customers get?– A one click Call to Action button to a webinar, event or promotion. You can include coupons if you want in the Calendar Invite, Address for google maps integration, web conference call information – etc, and use all the great reminders of the native Calendar specification for the Mobile phone to make sure they attend. 

What do you get?–Better signup responses because its on their calendar, better per event tracking and reporting. 

Your Call to Action – Get and account and give it a try.