31Events Builder Bob Series: Calendar Invite Inside a Flip Button

January 9, 2017 / Greg Hanchin  / 

One of the things we are always doing is stretching ourselves, see how create new eye catching designs, using 31Events and industry standards (like HTML, CSS & Javascript) along with tools you use today - like WordPress, Canva, MailChimp, etc.

Well, this weekend, I was playing around with Codepen.io and found the coolest button ever - you mouse over and it flips down.  I thought, it would be the coolest thing to use it to popup one of our opt-in calendar modals. Check it out below ... 

I also decided to do a version that is a bit more mobile friendly over at JSFiddle.net ... here's the link.  

And finally, click on the screen cap below for a landing page view (without all the distractions around it).  

Feel free to grab the code, or fork it and create your own version.  We love to see new designs, so if you do something really cool, put the link in the comments so we can check it out!

New User Guide

January 8, 2017 / Greg Hanchin  / 

Startups are tough, anyone that has done it, knows how it's the details and little things that seem to take the longest to get done.  One of the things Greg and I have had on our "to do" list for a while, is creating a real User Guide for 31Events.  It's one of those "requirements" things, because we can't walk everyone through the interface, and with anything new, it's really easy to give up.

So, I just wanted to put quick post, letting you know we have our first version of the User Guide up, along with Quick Start guide.

Check it out, and give us your feedback.  Also, check out Greg's posts on using 31Events and MailChimp (ConstantContact or ExactTarget).  Email is a very important part of your marketing - why no look at integrating direct calendar invitations.

How to integrate a Constant Contact Calendar Invitation for 1 Click Registrations

We built the Email Script generator to Fast EMBED the Calendar Invite into a CALL to ACTION graphic (CTA) for a Constant Contact Email template. This allows for a “One Click” registration for fast easy signups for your events. The customer is going to get a Calendar Invitation sent directly to them when they click your CTA graphic inside you Constant Contact Template.  This is not a Downloadable ICS, it is a Calendar INVITATION. It will show up on their Calendar Desktop, Google Calendar, or Mobile Phone Calendar.  Guaranteed not to get lost since the Invitation since will be sent directly to the customers Calendar and then you can track with our reporting engine.

In addition you can add a COUPON to the calendar invitation as a URL inside the Calendar Invite.   You can use our Default Exit Landing page when clicked, which is one of our IFRAME Landing pages with a Shareable URL for the event with a Calendar invitation Modal or you can insert you own Landing Page for CTA Click through behavior after the Calendar invite is sent.  We support Mail Chimp and Exact Target as well.



See our Detailed Video Blog on how to embed a Calendar Invite into Constant Contact as a ADD TO CALENDAR Replacement below:

31Events Code Generator – Iframe 7a Splash Page Example

January 3, 2017 / Arnie McKinnis  / 
This is our example of our Calendar Invitation called IFRAME 7A.  It is designed to splash into the center of a web page.  It has the Top Banner GIF , Event Data , Subject and Coupon which we built into the invitation.  The enter your email box is for customer to receive the Calendar Invitation to this event by putting their email address into and hitting SEND THE INVITE BUTTON.  The Calendar invite goes straight to their calendar (Outlook , Google -etc) ,  since its sent from the 31events Calendar server and is NOT a ICS download.   This means we can track who requests the Calendar invitation.  The reporting engine shows REQUESTS, ACCEPTS, DECLINES and the persons email address just like a real Calendar Server.  

This can be completed in 10 minutes:

You can see it live here at our Test Site: 


Also see our Video Blog posting:

Click to Calendar: Countdown Clock Example

November 26, 2016 / Greg Hanchin  / 

We created an example (using standard tools like WordPress and little Javascript) to create a direct to calendar invite with a countdown clock.  How it was built, and what it does is described further down, just realize, this is doable today ...

1) create the event in 31Events
2) copy & paste the code
3) your site visitors (however you drive traffic to that landing page) are presented with a single input box and button
4) fill in their email address, and they get a CALENDAR INVITATION 

Simple. Your Event, Their Calendar, One Click.

31Events: how we built the page

the build

31Events Embed: 
simple input box with submit button, we provide the iframe code, copy from your 31Events admin page and paste within any HTML web page

WordPress: within our theme, we have a page template specifically for demo example pages, it has not footer or header (you can use any page template within your site)
WP Plugin - Elementor: I personally can't say enough about Elementor, it is pure drag-n-drop and simple to use.
Background & Animation - Coverr.co: the background video was available through another great free design resource, check them out to find all sorts of free video backgrounds
Countdown Clock: to create the count-down clock, I had to use a little HTML, CSS and Javascript magic - but I found it by a really quick search, and embedded it as HTML on the webpage.


Coupons in a Calendar Invite? Its not that Crazy.

October 18, 2016 / Arnie McKinnis  / 

This is a Coupon in Email I received today from one of my favorite Bagel makers.  You can build a Coupon Calendar Invite in 31events , add the Coupon as a Gif Image , and the coupon would be a URL to Click thru when the Alarm went off in your Mobile Calendar. 

For more on how to build one see our Get started page

This should work in an Calendar Invite with the Coupon as a URL.

This should work in an Calendar Invite with the Coupon as a URL.

BoothInvite- How to get people to your Booth!

October 9, 2016 / Arnie McKinnis  / 

Set your Calendar invitation. Create your special offering, Ad Coupon, Add Booth Details. Generate your script for Email Offers and Web Site Embeds.


Create the event. Set the Coupon Image and Info. Set the Ticket Image and Info. (Both Optional but will help get people to your booth.) Test the Invite. Generate your code for Email or Website modal – single event or Full Calendar Embed.

See here on finished product.

How to build a Calendar Invitation for Constant Contact

October 9, 2016 / Arnie McKinnis  / 

This is an update on how to embed a Calendar Invitation into an email template to track an event in Constant Contact.

Step 1

Embed your Email Template with Graphic to be Clicked for Calendar Invite.

Step 2

Generate the code from 31Events for the Calendar Invite.

Step 3

Insert the Code into the Click thru Graphic in Constant Contact under “Clickable Link”.

Step 4

Test it and make sure you are getting the calendar invite.

Step 5

See a completed Calendar Invite come in with the Information for the event.

Step 6

Confirming the Ticket and Coupon URL’s work

Step 7

Completed URL in Calendar invite are working.  Test the Ticket and Coupon.

Project is ready to go!