if it's not on your calendar, it simply doesn't exist

We have pioneered the ability to use your calendar client as the tool for the Simple invite Service. (SIS).  The Simple Invite Service is a set of API’s and Tools to leverage AWS services for sending and tracking calendar invites.  We ingest the Calendar Client information in 10 seconds to AWS in a drop box like manner and make that UID accessible via our API’s for Email Marketing and Landing Page companies to build killer applications.  This gives any developer the ability to inject and track real calendar invitations.  The Calendar Client can be used to communicate with the UID to Update, and Cancel the event, there by becoming the only software needed to control the event.  The API Kit includes a set of designs to the RSVP data from S3 to construct rich interfaces for marketing dashboards.  The product is available in a SAM Template and soon we will be releasing the guide on how we built the CalendarSnack Application. See our current products in action here – The RSVP Button, The Upcoming Landing Page, and Bulk Calendar Invite Sending that will be part of the API Kit.  Contact us here for a demo

Calendar Invite ETL Automation

We "eat" calendar invite data from the calendar clients, CSV batch uploads, or calendar invite streaming data sources to send calendar invites at scale with other API's

IETF Sending, Updating and tracking

We automate the calendar invite sending to collect the RSVP receipt data and use the built in "Update" Function to send the next calendar invite for efficiency

AI and ML
for Time

We watch and learn use case patterns to generate a whole new class of algorithms based on the calendar client data behavior that has not been exploited before

Data & AnalyticS

We can gather receipt data from millions of calendar invites and store in cloud data bases for visualization and analytics that has never been done before

Calendar Snack

Built on the 31Events Platform, where anyone can start sending REAL calendar invitations with email marketing, landing pages and more in 10 seconds

Videos & more

We have a full Youtube channel to exploring the possibilities of headless calendaring, concepts for marketing/sales, and explainer videos for using Calendar Snack

Articles & updates

We use Medium.com for articles, posts, explainer tutorials and much more - it's the easiest platform for us to get the word out to anyone

Connect with us

Updates to the system, any Calendar Snack or 31Events news, and general updates can be found on LinkedIn

Your own Simple Invite Service (SIS) in AWS.

Building Killer Apps .. Endless Use Cases using the Calendar IETF specification

We have been able to disassemble and reassemble the IETF calendar specification over the last 4 years by experimenting with it in our DevOps pipeline and have perfected the ability to process the calendar invite at scale across any SMTP service. The crux of the calendar specification is the ability to send, update and cancel the calendar invitation by understanding how to ETL the calendar file using a API rest service.  This process has been extended through experimentation using the Rest API’s to batch list’s and files for automation use cases for bulk invite sending and upcoming landing page generation using our API kit..  We are just getting started with 6000 Hours of R&D.

See our emaildeath commentary here on sub stack. 

"We used Calendar Snack to create a reminder email the day before a big product launch. We had several thousand people from our email list join the created event and that lead to our launch generating over a million dollars in under one hour. We chose calendar snack because it was able to seamlessly create an event on a variety of calendar apps."
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