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We’re on a mission to stop wasting clicks.  Along the way, we will be reinventing the way time-based events are marketed on the web. It should be easier to get that time-based event on the calendar, without additional clicking, saving, adding or additional work for your customers. 

We’ve watched the world of marketing and sales evolve, with automation and tools to manage email address, website traffic, customized messages and easy to use online shopping.  Everything is done in the least of amount of work, and the least amount of “clicks” for our customers. Frictionless is watchword.

We believe it should be as easy as entering an email address, clicking a button and getting the invite.  

Stay tuned, we’re just getting started.


We are a software company focused on sending calendar invitation with coupons for single, time-based events. And provide tracking and reporting on the calendar status, including who has accepted and who has declined.
It’s a simple 3 step process: 1) create the invitation on the 31Events platform, 2) copy code snippets or links into either an email or webpage, and 3) your customers get a direct to calendar invite.  We provide reporting on the status of that invitation – tentative, accept or decline.
There are 2 billion Digital Calendar users a day using a Calendar Application, so yes it’s big.  The 31Events platform can be used for any marketing of time-based events, including coupons, webinars, tradeshows, special events, product launches, etc.
We are a Marketing Autmoation tool/platform and provide a MarTech Solution specific to automating the process of tracking registrations for a single, time-based event.  We straddle both email and web vendors.
Eventable.com, Stanza.CO, and Ecal.com are 3 companies that provide subscription to a Master Calendar to distribute Calendar Events.

We track independent single Calendar invites and events. We do not do any “subscriptions to calendar”, or polling of a master subscribed event list.

We provide details on who accepted or who has declined.

Yes, we are reviewing all options in financing.

3 – Mail Chimp, Constant Contact and Exact Target

Currently we have 12 plus and growing.

Yes. We currently have 2 Full Calendars and 2 Agenda Calendars that have an inline and pop up interfaces to send out a calendar invite with coupons.

OneClick Web Registrations and OneClick Coupons to the Calendar.  We achieve this through our API we have built.

31Events Team

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…the easiest way to create an embeddable event invitation on your website. It’s bite-sized code for your event to send invitations in one click.


…every day we are asked to “save the date” – until now, it took several clicks, maybe a form to be filled and maybe it worked. Check out the demos and examples, to see how easy it is for your invitees to just save the date on their calendar.


…every time we ask for another click, our customers stop or go to another website. Registration should be painless, easy and done in one click. Check out our examples and demos of getting them registered in one click.