No wasted clicks …. getting on the Calendar in 1 Click

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May 13, 2017

Every company has goals (some are just ideas, other are pure fantasy), and 31Events is not any different. We've spent the last year making it easier to work with our app, slimmed down the user interface, and focused on making it as simple as possible to add a calendar invitation to your email marketing campaigns.  

Driving to One Click (within your email CTA) to get an invitation for the event you're communicating within your email message.

I've written before how "simple" is very, very hard to do. And it takes a significant amount of discipline to continue down that path.  Mostly, because simple for the user means hiding complexity, and shielding the user from it.

We've done that. We have taken something very difficult, and boiled it down to one line of code to be added to your email marketing CTA.

We still have some of the other functionality (like webpage embeds), but our focus has been to simplify that single process, and give you reporting one your attendees "intent" ... did they accept, decline, set it a tentative, or just do nothing with it.

No one else does that - we continue to research the market, and we are the only ones that send a calendar invite, and then track on the backside.

Our goal has been achieved - simplify the process.

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