Send a Calendar Invite to Webinar signups and Zoom Meetings lists

Communicate directly with your customers Calendar Client for RSVP Receipts

Send an email to with your attached email list in .CSV file format with the calendarsnack UID for the event you want to send.

 Check the status of the RSVP’s in the calendarsnack report viewer. You can send Calendar Invites to multiple events by using one list and different UID’s in the CSV file.

Step 1-  In preparation of sending the calendar invite to a signup list using a .CSV file.  Go get a calendarsnack. Each calendarsnack contains a unique ID (UID). The UID is then used to process the BULKRSVP request in the list. 

Step 2. Find your CalendarSnack UID. A couple places to find it in the Free Snack. 

Step 3. Prepare your email list with the UID in the .CSV File. 

Step 4. Attaching the .CSV File and sending ot to

Step 5. Notification Email of Bulk Send.

Step 6. Review of Bulk Sending Reporting in the Calendarsnack

Step 7. How does Bulk Pricing Work? See our Shopify Site to get a BULK RSVP License to send.