Calendar Invites / Modals

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SENT INVITE- Generating Calendar Invitation Modals.
So you have generated your calendar invitation, tested the invite, possibly have added a coupon or ticket. Now you would like to display this on your website, to generate interest, and signups to the event.
In this example we are in the SENT AREA of the interface. Click the Copy Code ICON. This will generate the CODE that you can copy and past into your website.
Pick the Modal you want to use and copy the Code into your website. In this example here, we have picked Modal 2.
You can see we have pasted the Website code into this web site called “”.
How the Modals are look on the example “SHARETHEINVITE.COM” site.
Modal behavior once the email has been entered to receive the calendar invite.
Any Calendar invitation can be loaded with a coupon or ticket, so when someone accepts the calendar invite, the ticket our coupon will be embedded into the calendar invitation as a URL PNG for retrieval at the Event. In this example this is a screen shot of the actual Ticket that was embedded into the calendar invitation.