You get 2 Calendar Landing Pages options every time you generate a CalendarSnack. 

The  Grab N Go URL codes are available and easy to use.

Check out the latest PDF on CalendarLander

Example of the Single Event Calendar Lander

Example of the Upcoming Events Calendar Lander for your next 25 Upcoming Events that you sent to Calendarsnack.

The Calendar Landing Page is auto generated with a specific URL that you can use immediately to promote you event within a few seconds of generating a calendarsnack. We generate a single event landing page and the all events landing page with every Calendarsnack.  

The whole process takes less than 30 seconds. 

 Once you copy us on your Calendar Client, we send you the Auto-Generated CalendarSnack with the Grab N Go URL for the Single and All Events Landing Page.  We also include the RSVP Button codes for Klaviyo, MailChimp, SendGrid, and Convertkit. We include the code for the Calendar Invite Webform if you want to modify it.  

You can see it here

Get the Grab N Go URL for the Calendar Lander page and you can insert into your campaigns. 

Once the customer requests a Calendar Invite, we send it immediately and we send the customer to a Prebuilt Landing Page. 

You can see in the report the granular details we show in CalendarSnack Report.

The Calendarsnack report includes all the cross channel RSVP’s from the RSVP Button used in Email Marketing Templates, the Landing Page, and the Webform.   

Included in every Calendarsnack is the ability to see all your events ever sent to the Calendarsnack service for the event organizer.  

The All event Calendar Lander is an option as well.