Thanks for stopping by and checking out the Calendarsnack Powerbar Edition. We are working on a launch content now. We thought it would be good to get up some You Tube Videos. 

Master Console for all of Your Calendar Snacks is called Powerbar. You can drill into the Cards and dive into any Calendarsnack you developed as the Organizer Email Address.  This allows quick and easy access to your events in a few seconds.

Along with the Master Console for all Calendarsnack events is the Multi-Event (ME) Landing Page. The ME page is auto generated and your 25 upcoming events are streamed to this page for individual selection by your customers.  

In this demo, I selected what event I wanted to go to, and I was sent the Calendar Invite for each. We track all RSVP’s off of the Multi-Event page in the CalendarSnack Snack. 

In the Powerbar Master Console we track all the Calendar Client communications for the individual channels used to send the Calendar Invite and provide detailed analytics of the Calendar Receipts.