CalendarSnack User Guide Update

December 5, 2020

TLDR– We just completed another software update a few weeks ago. Along the way, I had gathered all the new screenshots and decided this should be a USER GUIDE. So here it is. 

We introduced support for Powerbar, Cancel, Direct Bulk Sending, and a new Multi Event Landing Page.  Yah quite a bit if stuff. 

Powerbar – Our paid for product that sits on top of the Free Calendarsnack. Gathers all your snacks into one view. For more check out the above User Guide and download the PDF. 

Cancel – If you CANCEL the created EVENT on your Calendar Client, then we CANCEL on the Calendarsnack registry and all of the RSVP’s your customers responded to for that specific event.

BULK RSVP Calendar Invites -This is my favorite and how the product got started. Load up your list in a CSV file with  the UID and attach to email. You can do a FREE Test – Send it to Give it a try.  You can send up to 500 a time for trial and testing.  You can check out our product catalog here for pricing. 

Multi Event Landing Page – Well maybe not the best name. But that it what it does. We stream your last 25 Active CalendarSnacks for easy RSVP.  See more here. 

Multi-Event Landing Page

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