CalendarSnack Updates July 2019

Welcome to this July 2019 Blog Post. Covered in the series is the Create, Send and Reporting of Calendar Invites generated for Call to Action (CTA) use in your marketing campaigns.  The Invites have generated code for embed into Email Marketing Platforms, Webforms and Landing Pages as pre built examples of our technology. We are working on a OEM edition that will be launched in 2020.  Thanks for stopping by and checking us out. Down Load the PDF here

MailChimp RSVP

MailChimp with a CalendarSnack. What a perfect marrriage! So you’re using MailChimp and you want to invite people to an event your hosting by sending them a calender invite to track the RSVP’s.   Follow the Videos below for a detailed review of the steps.  Click here to get the PDF Screen Shots. 

Click here to get the PDF Screen Shots of the March 16 Videos.