what can you do with a little imagination?

Coupon to Calendar

Virtual coupons are all over the place, what if you could have one sitting right inside your customer’s calendar – with all the information they need to use. 31Events can do that today, One Click – Coupon to Calendar – drop dead simple.

Invite a Friend

Everything on the internet is about sharing … at 31Events, we believe it’s important, too.  It’s also very simple, because we built sharing right into our modals and magic input box.  Here’s an example for having Monday morning coffee with a friend.

Live the Lover's Life

Time based and special events happen all year.  This is a Landing Page example for a special event. Design it any way you want, then add our simple opt-in box and button, because what it does, isn’t simple – it gets your special event, on your customer’s calendar, in ONE click.

Get 'em to the Booth on time

There are billions spend on tradeshows each year. In fact, for many companies, it is their single largest marketing budget item.  Once take booth costs, exhibit costs, travel costs and people costs into the equation …. you need to get people into the booth or it’s all money just down the drain.  Use 31Events to help drive people to your booth, get event special times in their calendar, and of course, they get those reminders.

Realworld Meets Virtual World

A friend of ours is the GM for Modern Postcard in San Diego. We talked to him recently and he brought up a good point — Millions of dollars of spent in printing & direct mail every year. His company is always trying to combine the real world of printed direct mail and the virtual world of automated marketing. Well, here’s our shot over his bough – adding a QR code, backed with an online calendar invite.

Investor Relations

Investor Relations departments are always busy. It’s not just quarterly reports and analyst briefings — it also includes all those executive meeting, coordination with marketing and public relations, and just generally keeping the investment community excited about the stock. Why not take something off your plate, and send calendar invitations for your events.

I always need coffee ...

Coffee is the lifeblood of my workday.  Without it, I would never be able to get anything done (let alone wake up). Well, send your customers reminders AND digital coupons in a calendar invitation. One click, and it’s on their calendar – all they needed to do was put in an email address – how easy is that?

The clock is ticking ...

Landing pages are a great way to go with your marketing. And a countdown clock creates immediacy. Now, make drop dead simple for your customers to put your event on their calendar. Because that where time-based events should live – On The Calendar!

Countdown to Party!

Another example of a Landing page.  This one for the biggest party ever (yours of course)!  With a video background – the input box is just sitting there, waiting for your customers to put their email address in – and BOOM, they get a LIVE calendar invite.

Who rocks?

Even in the world of Youtube, spotify and digital downloads – for a band to be successful, they have to travel, put on concerts and sell tickets.  That means, one time localized events. Sure, you could ask someone to “sync” ALL to your calendar, but that means clutter and who needs that? Why not just set up each event, and your fans can get it right on their calendar.

I'm flipping out!

Your CTA (Call-to-Action) button is important, in fact, there over 18M search results if you search “Call to Action Marketing Buttons” on Google.  Why are we so obsessed with CTA? Because our “response” rates are so low, a dismal 2.5% on average, that it’s important to catch someone’s attention.  Here’s a really cool example of a flip button, click it, and you get a Calendar opt-in popup. Oh, and the graphic, is embedded from Canva – how cool is that?