Episode 59 – How to RSVP in MailChimp

November 12, 2019

Our customers have completed thousands of RSVP events using a calendarsnack in a Mailchimp template.  Thanks for stopping by and checking us out!  If you want to download this episode as a PDF, click here.

Clip 1 Slides – setting up a MailChimp RSVP integration for calendarsnack reporting. Get a calendarsnack.

Clip 1 Video Recap

Clip 2 Slides. How to grab the MailChimp code from the Calendarsnack and put into the correct field in MailChimp template for RSVP tracking. Review of the MailChimp workflow for the customer experience when the RSVP is clicked.

Clip 2 – Video Recap

Clip 3 Slides. How to amplify your Mailchimp event by integrating your calendarsnack code into Webforms, Landing Pages, Splash pages and countdowns. 

Clip 3 Video Recap

Clip 4 Slides. How Calendarsnack reporting works for RSVPs in a Mailchimp template.

Video 4 recap

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