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It will be EPIC!

It will be THE party of 2017!  We have an amazing line-up of LIVE music and of course, we have the loosest slots, along with the greatest card and table games around!
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31Events: how we built the page & added a DIRECT TO CALENDAR INVITATION

the build

31Events Embed: 
simple input box with submit button, we provide the iframe code, copy from your 31Events admin page and paste within any HTML web page

WordPress: within our theme, we have a page template specifically for demo example pages, it has not footer or header (you can use any page template within your site)
WP Plugin – Elementor: I personally can’t say enough about Elementor, it is pure drag-n-drop and simple to use.
Background & Animation – Coverr.co: the background video was available through another great free design resource, check them out to find all sorts of free video backgrounds
Countdown Clock: to create the count-down clock, I had to use a little HTML, CSS and Javascript magic – but I found it by a really quick search, and embedded it as HTML on the webpage.


this is a demonstration page only, highlighting functionality available of 31Events, designed with off-the-shelf design tools or standard HTML, CSS and Javascript.