31events creates calendar invites sends calendar invites counts calendar invites on AWS

send real calendar invitations in one click

Built for OEM

We send real calendar invitations on your behalf to track the the RSVPS from the calendar for each event. The whole solution stack can be setup in your AWS account in less than a few hours with your domain for Identity branding of your RSVP service.


  Customers create the calendar invite on their Outlook, or Google Calendar.  We generate the codes for Web or Email for CTA’s and send back the completed event creation to customer email address. We have built a  example product called Calendarsnack.com for you to try for free. 


We process the requests for the calendar event creations and send the calendar invite using  AWS services like, Simple Email Service (SES), API Gateway, SNS, SQS, VPC’s, Dynamo DB, deploying AWS best practices for Security and Data protection. 


We count the RSVP requests for each event across the supported tracking methods for Direct Calendar Sending, MailChimp, Klaviyo, ConvertKit and Web embeds for WebPages, Landing Pages and Social Media.  We collect that CTA information and provide detailed reporting. 

If you are a Software OEM, Agency or Enterprise that wants to send direct calendar invitations, please reach out to us on Drift.

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