We can integrate into your AWS account in minutes.

Built for OEM

We send real calendar invitations on your behalf and track the the RSVPS from the calendar client for each event. The messaging pipeline and reporting solution can be configured with your own domain in AWS. See our Free Product at calendersnack.com to see how it works. You can have a new product for your customers in less than a day for RSVP solutions.


   Customers create the calendar invite on their  calendar client and send a copy to a specified email address that you pick.  We transform the calendar data and generate the codes for Web and Email CTA and send back the event creation data to the customer email address in seconds with no login. The create step is headless, with no logins and scales to millions.


We process the requests for the calendar event creations and send the calendar invite using AWS services like, Simple Email Service (SES), API Gateway, SNS, SQS, VPC’s, Dynamo DB, deploying AWS best practices for Security and Data protection.  We can deploy the AWS services in your account with Cloud Formation temple in any availability zone.


We count the RSVP receipts for the calendar event across Direct Calendar Sending, MailChimp, Klaviyo, ConvertKit, Web embeds, Landing pages and Social media.  We aggregate the RSVP’s for detailed calendar analytics across all the channels for each event. We then can store multi-event calendar data for customer analytics for all events in a product we have built for OEMS. 

We think we are the only marketing solution that does this.

Has anyone else figured this out?... Hit us up on Drift if you know..