get it on the calendar first

Let's face it,
if it's not on your calendar,
it doesn't exit

The 31Events Platform is here to solve that problem, with tools that scale from a single event, to every event across an enterprise.
Built on AWS

We have standardized on the AWS services to create a fully secure and global backend for the 31Events Platform

Headless Calendar

The 31Events Platform "mimics" a calendar server - allowing the ability to create events from anywhere (including Google Calendar and Outlook)

Updates + Cancellations

the 31Events Platform seamlessly allows for both updating the event or cancelling the event - creating a "transactional" calendar invitation

Data + Analytics

No platform is complete without the ability to analyze data, data flows, timelines and quickly visualize that data

Real solutions for today's on-the-go world

Nothing is more frustrating than needing to “manage” time-based events. So why is it the ONE thing you need to happen seamlessly (sending a calendar invitation), is so difficult to do?  All you want is for that person who took an action (clicked a button, opened an email, viewed your landing page, asked for more invitation, etc.) to get a real calendar invite, and to track their RSVP status (yes, no maybe) for that event.

Also, if you want to send updates, you can do that right on your calendar, or if you need to cancel the event.  And all your invitees get the updates or cancelations.

We have worked hard to make it simple ...

Curious to learn more?

Calendar Snack

Built on the 31Events Platform, where anyone can start sending REAL calendar invitations with email marketing, landing pages and more

Youtube Videos

We have a full Youtube channel to exploring the possibilities of headless calendaring, concepts for marketing/sales, and explainer videos for using Calendar Snack


We use for articles, posts, explainer tutorials and much more - it's the easiest platform for us to get the word out to anyone

LinkedIn + Updates

Updates to the system, any Calendar Snack or 31Events news, and general updates can be found on LinkedIn

More Attendees
Less Stress

"We used Calendar Snack to create a reminder email the day before a big product launch. We had several thousand people from our email list join the created event and that lead to our launch generating over a million dollars in under one hour. We chose calendar snack because it was able to seamlessly create an event on a variety of calendar apps."
Lomi’s Launch Team on Indiegogo

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