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It’s time to get your 31Events account. We have one pricing plan, based upon a single user account.  Check out the FAQs below, and if that didn’t answer your question, just send us an email or click on the Drift Support button/icon below.  We are a pure month-to-month plan, if at anytime you want to cancel your account, click this link, and the billing will stop.  Our goal is to make it simple – to register and to use.

simple pricing plan

$10 /per month
 Our simple pricing plan is just that, simple.  You get the everything, for one single monthly price, cancel at anytime and you won’t be billed for the next month. See, simple.

Our simple plan includes…
  • 500 invitations sends per month (check FAQ for explanation)
  • Unlimited Calendar Invitations
  • Access to the full library of pre-designed modals
  • Fully generated code for use in any website
  • Fully generated code for use with MailChimp, Constant Contact & ExactTarget
  • Reports and data on who has recieved, accepted and declined your invitations
  • Include coupon graphic in your invitation

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for an account with 31Events?
After you purchase your account (above), you will be forwarded to the account registration for to create your account.  You will need to provide all the information, the final step of registration is verifying your email address.  Once those steps are completed, you are ready to start adding events.
Do you offer a free account?
We do not have a “free” account, or a free trial period.  Instead, we made the decision to keep the price extremely low compared to the tremendous value we provide and make it simple to cancel your account at any time.
How do you calculate the 500 invitations sent each month?
You can create an unlimited number of invitations – what we “count” are only the invitations sent to an email address.  This includes all invitations sent while you are creating the event (testing) and once the event is live.  Remember, only those people who have opted in will be sent an email address – either through your website or your email call to action.
How secure is 31Events?
Our backgrounds are technology related, with many years working in some of the largest and progressive technology companies in the world. We take security seriously. We selected PayPal for our payment processing because of their security, the event system is hosted on our servers, and we use SendGrid as our invitation sending platform. If you have any concerns about security, please reach out to us for any specific questions around security.
Will my calendar invitations be considered "spam"?
We don’t like spam any more than you do, which is why we selected one of the largest email service providers, with world class security, and top notch reputation – SendGrid (click if you want more information about their system). 31Events is 100% opt-in, whether you use our website embeds, or you use your own email service provider, the only way for someone to get an invitation is if they “click” on your Call-to-Action or enter their email address into our opt-in box.
How do I cancel my account?
There is a simple process to Cancel your account.  You will have access to your account for the remainder of your billing period, after that time, you account will be closed and you will no longer have access to it or the any data on the 31Events platform.  Please make sure you have downloaded any data prior to the last day of your current billing period.