The RSVP Button

The RSVP button is a piece of Code, that is generated in the Calendarsnack. This code can be used inside a email marketing template for a Call to Action Button. When the button is clicked, we send a calendar invite with a requestd calendar receipt for RSVP. At the same time we send the customer to a pre built Landling Page. We then count the RSVP receipts in the Calendarsnack reporting panel. 

Included in the Free edition of the calendarsnack is the Grab N Go Code for MailChimp RSVP. We have tested this workflow with SendGrid, Klaviyo, ConvertKit, Zoho, and SalesForce.  The next series of slides recap the simple process of how it works. 

Step 1. After creating your calendarsnack, go to the MailChimp CTA button and copy the code. By clicking the grab n go button, the code is automatically copied to the clipboard. You can also copy it by highlighting the code and doing copy. 

Step 2. Past the code into your RSVP button created in your MailChimp Template. 

Step 3. After the calendarsnack code has been put in the Mailchimp button, use can use the Mailchimp test, to see if all is working. When clicking the button, the calendar invite will be sent in the background, and we will track the RSVP response in the reporting.

Step 4. At the same time the calendar invite is sent, we send the customer to a pre built landing page for the event, notifying the customer that the calendar invite has been sent to their email address. 

Step 5. Each Calendarsnack contains a report, for the various channels of RSVP receipt capture. Here we have highlighted the MailChimp CTA campaign.

Step 6. In this example, you can see that this customer amplified their RSVP options with a calendarsnack across, MailChimp, LandingPage, and our WebForm. 

Whats Next? – So we have been testing the several others for RSVP Button code. We will be releasing PowerBar edition of Calendarsnack with all the pre built code buttons available soon. Target is November 2020.