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Creating an Event

This guide covers how to create an event with 31Events.  The first couple times, you will take a bit longer as you learn the flow, but after you’ve created  a few, you will be able to create an event in minutes.   

We are always looking for feedback and ways to make 31Events easier to use (including this guide), please let us know if you have any question, comments, or suggestions.  

1.0 -Log into 31events

1.1 -First time login screen

1.1 -Screen (example) after your events are added

2.0 -Create A new event

2.1 -Event Details

2.2 -Event Invitation details

2.3 -Event Invitation message

2.3 -Event Invitation Coupon (2nd image) and Test List

3.0 -Your Event is Saved to your Open (workbench) events

That's it - you now have a new event added to 31events...

If you’d like some ideas or inspiration check out our examples pages – they are fully designed landing pages or webpages – all designed within WordPress with the specific goal of getting an event on the calendar.

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