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ConstantContact is one of the oldest email marketing services on the market, with thousands of customers relying on them for their Email Marketing campaigns.  We use several email marketing service, but have been using ConstantContact for the longest, and it remains a solid choice to create effective email marketing campaigns.  The following guide will get you up and going using 31Events and ConstantContact- allowing you to add a Calendar Invitation Call To Action to your ConstantContact emailing lists.

ConstantContact User Guide

We built the Email Script generator to Fast EMBED the Calendar Invite into a CALL to ACTION graphic (CTA) for a Constant Contact Email template. This allows for a “One Click” registration for fast easy signups for your events. The customer is going to get a Calendar Invitation sent directly to them when they click your CTA graphic inside you Constant Contact Template.  This is not a Downloadable ICS, it is a Calendar INVITATION. It will show up on their Calendar Desktop, Google Calendar, or Mobile Phone Calendar.  Guaranteed not to get lost since the Invitation since will be sent directly to the customers Calendar and then you can track with our reporting engine.

In addition you can add a COUPON to the calendar invitation as a URL inside the Calendar Invite.   You can use our Default Exit Landing page when clicked, which is one of our IFRAME Landing pages with a Shareable URL for the event with a Calendar invitation Modal or you can insert you own Landing Page for CTA Click through behavior after the Calendar invite is sent.  We support Mail Chimp and Exact Target as well.




See our Detailed Video Blog on how to embed a Calendar Invite into Constant Contact as a ADD TO CALENDAR Replacement below:

That's it! You are ready to start sending single click call-to-action calendar invitations with Constantcontact.

If you’d like some ideas or inspiration check out our examples pages – they are fully designed landing pages or webpages – all designed within WordPress with the specific goal of getting an event on the calendar.

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