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Working with ExactTarget

ExactTarget (now part of’s Marketing Cloud) is robust email marketing platform that is fully integrated with the industry’s leading salesforce automation/customer relationship management platform.  As part of the family, there is literally nothing you can’d do – except, send a One-Click Calendar Invitation.  The guide gives you the tools to make ExactTarget do just that – simply by using the code we generate within the email you create with ExactTarget.

The Exacttarget user guide // coming soon

In the meantime, check out our marketing ideabook, to see what you can do with exacttarget and 31Events.

If you’d like some ideas or inspiration check out our examples pages – they are fully designed landing pages or webpages – all designed within WordPress with the specific goal of getting an event on the calendar.

Or, enter you email address below to get the Marketing Ideabook (and see 31Events in action too).