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October 11, 2016

Calendar Marketing, especially marketing online events through email is standard practice today.  Email is the most effective way to communicate to your audience, it is cost effective and the person has given you “permission” to communicate with them.

In the example above, LeadPages is presenting two count-downs clocks for a webinar to be presented on two different days.  You’ll notice, there is a button to “Claim Your Spot” which takes you directly to their registration page.  

This process of EMAIL to REGISTRATION is repeated 1000’s of times per day through email. It’s worked for years and continues to drive traffic, and is a great approach.

There is an alternative approach

In the example above, when someone clicks on the button, they go to a webpage to register. LeadPages is better than most, since they sent the email and have your contact information, they pre-fill the registration page.

What if…
When you clicked on the button, you were automatically sent a Calendar Invite (meeting notice).  It now lives in two places – in email AND the calendar.  Even if the email is deleted, the calendar invite is there – with your event information and a reminder popup about the meeting (set by you).

In the Details of the calendar invite, this is where you provide registration links – you can provide an incentive to register – or just ask. You provide the details of how to attend, and your customer has all the information right in their calendar, without having to fill in another form, click another button or do anything.

That’s Calendar Marketing.

the above is from our Pinterest board.  See more examples of using the calendar to market your time-based events.

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